Technical Assistance

Technical assistance for the establishment of Oxford Houses is heavily labor intensive as it involves the identification and securing of suitable housing, negotiation, recruitment, and teaching the concepts of Oxford House. The responsibilities of Field Staff include:

Identification of suitable Houses to rent

Field staff work in cooperation with local treatment providers to identify where suitable Houses can be rented. Oxford House, Inc. does not purchase property as this would detract from the self-run, self-supporting traditions of Oxford House.

Negotiations with landlord

Field staff explain the Oxford House concept to prospective landlords and, based on their experience, negotiate a non-discriminatory lease.

Recruitment of residents

Field staff notify all local treatment providers, AA and NA groups, and other interested parties that a new facility has been opened. They also interview and select the initial occupants of the House.

Furniture and fixtures

Field staff assist new recruits in identifying sources of furniture and other needed fixtures within the community.

Teaching the concepts

Field staff remain in residence with new Houses and ensure that all the concepts, traditions and systems of operation used by Oxford House are understood and implemented.

Community relations

Field staff are responsible for interfacing with citizens committees who may, through lack of understanding, seek to oppose the creation of a group recovery House. Staff also act as liaison with churches, rehabilitation facilities, and state agencies to ensure that the concept is fully understood.

Quality control

Field staff promotes the success of the Oxford House concept by direct and immediate intervention with any new House which begins to stray from the system of operations as described.