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House Contributions

As part of the Oxford House concept of self-help and independence many houses make regular monthly contributions to Oxford House, Inc., the central services office.   Contributions may be made electronically using the Automatic Transfer Form.  See the questions and answers below about how the voluntary contributions are used.
Q.     What does Oxford House, Inc. do with my house’s contributions?

A.     Your contributions go toward the support of the existing network of Oxford Houses.  Contributions support zoning litigation on behalf of Oxford Houses, publication of forms, house and chapter manuals, pamphlets and other educational Oxford House material.  They also support our telephone help line that helps houses with member and landlord problems, finds vacancies, and provides good time-tested advice.  Contributions also support the work of the World Council and partially subsidize the annual world convention so that the registration remains affordable.

Q.     Why doesn’t Oxford House, Inc. get more support from the government or foundations?  They have more money than we do.

A.     Oxford House, Inc. does get some outside support but these contributions are used primarily to expand our network, not to support the existing network.  Starting houses in new areas is a costly and difficult undertaking.  Fortunately, some states have been willing to contract with Oxford House, Inc. to start houses and get them on track.

For the ongoing support of existing houses, we rely on the contributions from the houses.  We are a self-help organization and it is critical that we provide our own support for our own services.  Oxford House, Inc. exists primarily to serve you and the other residents and alumni that constitute the Oxford House family.  Let’s not lose this important characteristic of our organization.  Just as AA and NA groups support their national offices, Oxford Houses need to support Oxford House, Inc.

Q.     Why should my Oxford House contribute?  We have an active chapter that does much of what Oxford House, Inc. does.  It provides advice to houses and members and helps organize fundraisers to support our attendance at the annual convention.

A.     It’s great that your area has active and experienced members who are able to do these things.  It would be great if all houses had similar members and chapters but many houses and chapters need the support of Oxford House, Inc.  But your houses benefit directly too.  Oxford House, Inc. organizes the annual convention that you attend.  It provides the speakers, the venue and the planning and subsidizes some of the convention expense.  And you benefit from the zoning cases we’ve won.

Q.     Our house is pretty independent and I don’t think we’re ever going to need anything from Oxford House, Inc.  Why should we contribute?

A.     You may want to contribute just because you’re grateful and want to give back.