Parking is very expensive in DC. The Hilton charges $36.00 per day. The Courtyard is $30.00 per day. Parkopedia lists other lots in the area. Beware: DC will ticket and tow your car from red zones & expired meters. If you don't want your car in town (Only the golf tournament would require it.) you may choose to park at a suburban Metrorail station and take it to the Red Line Dupont Circle Station. From the south up I-95, use Franconia-Springfield Station; from the north through Baltimore, go to Greenbelt Station. In both cases there are certain spaces marked for multi-day parking. (You can usually use adjacent ones if they are full.) You would be charged for one day (about $5.00) but since it is a weekend, it will be free to exit. In both cases, take Metro to Dupont Circle as seen in the airport pages.

Local Area

There are restaurants down Connecticut Ave from the Hilton. There is a Rite-Aid and a small grocery as well.