Midway Airport to the Fairmont Hotel

If you fly into Midway, a taxi is about $30.00.  

You can take CTA instead. The fare is $2.25, and it runs about every 15 minutes, 24hr/day. It will take about 30 minutes.

NOTE: The hotel area of downtown Chicago is multi-level; with "sidewalks" being elevated walkways over the lower road.  See this local map for details. While confusing, it should not affect your trip.

Option 1:

a) Follow signs to the Orange Line train at the Midway airport station.

b) Get off at the State stop. 

c) Walk a few blocks east to the end of Lake at Stetson St.

d) Turn north to South Water, go east a block on it to Columbus, and south to the hotel entrance. 
d) If before 7pm on a weekday, you can instead enter the Aon building at Lake & Stenson; walk down the stairs and take the tunnel to the Fairmont.

In either case, it's about a 10 minute walk. 

Option 2:

You can instead take the Orange Line to a CTA Bus that drops you off at the hotel door.

a) Get on the Orange Line train at the Midway station. Trip time is about 30 minutes.

b) Take the Orange Line past State to Randolph station.

c) Catch the CTA-4 bus at Michigan & Madison                                    toward (Illinois Center), get off at the Fairmont.

You can print out directions, schedules and maps at the CTA site. Enter 

From: Chicago Midway Airport and To: 200 N Lower Columbus Dr

into their trip planner.