Instructions How To Apply


  1. To apply a person must be in recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

  1. A recovering individual must complete a standard “Application for Membership” and be interviewed by the residents of the house he or she want to live in. Click "Application for Membership” on the How To Apply page to get a downloadable PDF copy to fill out before you go to your interview.

  1. Find the Oxford House in the area you want by checking “Vacancies” on the home page of the website. A special page will come up with a map of the United States. In the box at the top put in where you are looking for an Oxford House. Also check whether you want a house for men or women. Then pull down number of houses you want to review. A map will then come up showing houses that have vacancies. Click on the house you want and a pop-up will appear with three tabs at the top. Click on info and it will give you the number of vacancies and the phone number. Then call the house for an interview. Bring a completed application with you to the interview.

  1. Hints for acceptance include: [A] show sincerity about recovery, [B] emphasize regular attendance at 12-Step meetings, [C] explain how you can pay the equal share of expenses collected by the group on either a weekly or monthly basis and the move-in sobriety deposit [usually equal to the equal share expense] and [D] be absolutely honest on the application and in the interview because it is very difficult to con fellow addicts in recovery.

  1. Sometimes several individuals will apply to fill one vacancy. If you are not selected, simply try another house with a vacancy. It is not unusual that an individual who gets rejected at one house applies at another house with a vacancy and gets accepted.


If you are turned down at one house, evaluate your posture and apply at another. There is no stigma or penalty applied by a rejection; it is merely the judgment of the residents as to inviting you into their home. When you are a resident, you will be called upon to make similar decisions about new applicants.