If Oxford Houses Are Self-Run and Self-Supported,
Why Do We Need Your Help?

Individual Oxford Houses work because they are self-run and self-supported.  House residents pay their rent and govern themselves.  They alone take responsibility for their own recovery and the maintenance of an alcohol-and drug-free living environment.   There are no time limits and residents stay as long as they want so long as they abstain from alcohol and drugs.

Oxford House™ is listed as a best practice on the federal government’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices [NREPP].   Oxford House, Inc. (OHI) is the tax-exempt, non-profit organization that is the umbrella organization serving the network of individual Oxford Houses.  Among its services that support existing houses and foster expansion are --

  • Publication of the Oxford House manual, chapter manual, and newsletters.
  • Chartering of new houses.
  • Provision of legal support to houses and landlords to fight NIMBY challenges (prior cases include a U. S. Supreme Court victory).
  • Provision and supervision of outreach workers to help groups open new houses.  The outreach workers are usually prior Oxford House residents who help establish new houses, teach residents of new houses how to operate a successful Oxford House, solicit community support for new houses, help document outcomes, and educate communities and treatment facilities about OHI and recovery options.
  • Coordination of and planning for the annual Oxford House convention where Oxford House members and alumni gather together to learn, problem solve and celebrate recovery. 
  • Administration of surveys of house members, publication of demographic data, and work with academic researchers to document recovery outcomes.

Where does OHI get its operating support?

  • Many individual Oxford Houses voluntarily make a monthly contribution. 
  • Individuals and companies make tax-deductible contributions.
  • Grants-making organizations provide some support for outreach efforts.
  • Some states contract with OHI to provide outreach support for the creation of houses.
  • Faith-based organizations and individual supporters sometimes become friendly landlords and help individual houses with furnishings and other supplies.

Oxford House, Inc. operates with a streamlined staff with minimal funding.  OHI owns no property and devotes all its resources toward supporting and expanding the Oxford House™ network of houses.  Even with almost 2,000 houses, OHI is just beginning to meet the need.  For more information and a link to OHI’s financials, explore this website.

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