Dear Oxford House Convention Attendees:

The Oxford House organization is looking forward to seeing you at our 17th annual Convention – September 3-6 in Washington DC to be held at the Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington DC . Some attendees will be staying at the Courtyard DuPont Circle. 1900 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC (across the street from the Hilton).

What to wear: The entire convention is casual dress with the exception of the Banquet on Saturday evening which is a little more dressy. In years past, men have worn suits and women have worn dresses.

Weather: The weather will be starting to get a little cooler in the evening but during the day, it will still be warm outside.

Food: There are several eating establishments within the hotels and many restaurants within walking distance of the hotels.

  • The local chapters will be hosting a hospitality suite with food and snacks throughout the weekend.
  • On Friday evening, there will be a meal at the hotel, the cost of which is included in your registration fee and on Saturday evening will be a banquet meal (also included in your registration).
  • There will be a Veteran’s meeting on Friday during the lunch break. Lunch is on your own.
  • There will be an Alumni luncheon on Saturday – see the World Council Table for more information.

AA and NA meetings will be held at 1pm and 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

Several states will be selling t-shirts. Most of them sell for $15-20.

Golf Tournament – will be held on Thursday morning. Those who want to play but have not yet signed up need to call the Oxford House Office at 1-800-689-6411.


Below are instructions on getting from the three airports and some general travel tips. Bring fare in $5 & $1 bills for Metro! 




Parking & local info


General Travel Tips:


Roll Clothes Instead of Folding: By rolling clothes you can pack more in a suitcase and help eliminate bad wrinkling.

Protect Liquids/Breakables: Wrap anything that might break inside clothes. Do not put them on top thinking they will be safe because the bag handlers often flip over bags on the baggage belt to avoid the bag wheels from rolling.

Minimize Bag Weight: All checked bags over 50 lbs. will have additional charges. Make use of a carry-on or backpack with heavy items such as electronics.

Early Online Check-In: Login up to 24 hours before flight to check-in and print tickets. When you arrive, you can go straight to the security checkpoint.

Arrive 1.5 hours early to the airport: You won’t feel rushed, even if the security line is long.

Park & Ride: Look for parking outside the airport. It is cheap and they will shuttle you to the airport entrance. If it is not available, choose the outdoor parking lots to save costs. The airport has a shuttle system that will pick you up. Be sure to tip the driver if he helps with your bags.

Have ID, Ticket, and Itinerary in Hand: Keep these items in an easy to access pocket to avoid searching a bag or purse and holding up any lines.

Do Not Purchase Drinks until After Security: Any drinks purchased before security checkpoint will have to be thrown away.

Go Directly to Gate after Security: Check the board after security and go straight to your gate. There are bathrooms and food options near by.

Bring Music or a Good Book: To make the flight seem faster, occupy yourself with reading or listening to music (with headphones of course).

Safe Travels!