All Oxford House residents are requested to complete a confidential Oxford House survey form once a year.  This provides a “snapshot” of who lives in Oxford Houses while not intruding into the personal life of anyone.  Honest answers help all of us to better understand the recovery process and the role that Oxford House living plays in that recovery.


Survey responses submitted from September 2012 through mid-March 2013 are now being analyzed.   We want to spread out data collection so that Mollie and I do not get buried in too much data at any one time.  Therefore, we have established a schedule for collecting survey results on a ten-month schedule – February through November.  The schedule is by state. 


Please encourage all residents of your Oxford House to complete a survey form during the month listed for your State's participation.  House Comptrollers are responsible for encouraging all House residents to complete the survey during the appointed time.  During the month for your state, please complete the survey.   You may complete your own survey online or print out a hard copy of the survey and have another house member enter your answers on line. 


Doing this survey well not only shows that “the inmates can run the asylum” but also that we are good at assembling data that will help the experts understand the process of recovery.  


Mollie and I and all the still-suffering alcoholics and drug addicts thank you – for completing the survey and for doing it when scheduled! – Paul Molloy


2013 Survey Schedule:

April - September : North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

May - September: New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Arkansas.

June - September: Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont.

July - September: Washington, Louisiana, Wyoming, New Mexico and Colorado.

August - September: Oregon, California, Idaho, Texas and Iowa.

Sept: Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois and New Hampshire.

Oct: Oklahoma, Nebraska, Montana, Minnesota and Connecticut.

Nov: Mississippi, Maine, Michigan, Wisconsin and Utah.

Feb: Kentucky, Alabama, Arizona, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Mar: Ohio, Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan and Vermont.


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